M. Sc. Lukas Grunwald

Doctoral Student
Email: lukas(dot)grunwald(at)mpsd.mpg.de

Research Interests

– Non-equilibrium dynamics of (correlated) quantum systems
– Non-equilibrium Greens function Methods
– Light-Matter Interactions
– Non-Hermitian physics
– (Unconventional) Superconductivity
– Renormalization Group Methods
– Tensor Networks

Short Bio

– November 2022 – Today: PHD Student at MPSD (IMPRS Fellow) with Prof. Kennes (Aachen), Prof. Rubio (Hamburg) and Prof. Sentef (Bremen)
– October 2020 – October 2022: M.Sc. Physics at RWTH Aachen University (Track: Condensed Matter Theory), Grade: 1.0
Thesis: “SYK Approach to non-Fermi Liquids and Incoherent Superconductivity” with Prof. Kennes and Prof. Meden
– October 2017 – October 2020: B.Sc. Physics at RWTH Aachen University, Grade: 1.1
Thesis: “Functional Renormalization group study of systems of oscillators” with Prof. Kennes and Prof. Meden

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