Tao will start new group at Huazhong University

Tao Yu, a postdoc at MPSD now, will work in School of Physics at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China) as a Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. He will lead the group for dynamics of quantum materials, focusing on interesting theoretical problems among the magnetism, spintronics, unconventional superconductivity, correlated spin system, and many-body states in two-dimensional van der waals materials. There are multiple master and PhD graduate students (2), visiting student(2), and postdoctoral researchers (2) position openings in Yu`s group. Please contact Tao via taoyuphy@mail.ustc.edu.cn if you have strong interest in condensed matter theory and are interested in joining the group. They provide competitive salary and comfortable work conditions. For more information: https://www.taoyulab.com/author/tao-yu/

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